Amy Rister honored at OAEA

SAMS student Amy Rister tied for second in the 2016 Jerry Tollifson Art Criticism Open,

Amy Rister

Amy Rister

sponsored by the Ohio Art Education Association (OAEA). The late Jerry Tollifson was one of OAEA’s most beloved, colorful, dedicated, and influential members. He conceived this writing competition as an annual opportunity to recognize students for their ability to articulate and compose critical responses to artworks. The competition supports the Common Core within Ohio’s Visual Art Standards by encouraging students to use critical thought and judgment to reach deeper understandings of an artwork’s meaning, value, and significance. SAMS ART appreciates the ELA teachers and their support during this effort and always.

SAMS Cosme

Cosme by Amy Sol










Amy Rister’s poetic response to Cosme:
    A bright, young woman sees nature’s soothing sunset,
    With a help of a beautiful waterfall.
    As she fluffed her dress, she said to herself,
    “Maybe this planet isn’t so bad after all.”

    After the show, she clapped and cheered like a thunderstorm.
    She was slightly sad, even though the sky looked like flan.
    The girl whispered, “what can I give to the residents to say ‘thanks’?”
    Seconds later, she thought and had a little plan.

    She reached into her pocket and pulled out a star,
    But the star she had in her hand had minute value.
    The girl bent down with a forest behind her back,
    And she said, “planet, here is my gift to you.”

    She let go of her hand and watched the star go down,
    All of the way down to the end of the line.
    The girl was very happy that she had given her gift,
    To make the people on Earth healthy and fine.

    She turned to her back as she floated away,
    And left without a trace of her existence in sight.
    Now when make a wish on a shooting star,
    Say “thank you” to Cosme, it would be her delight.

As submitted by SAMS art teacher, Mrs. Tamara Chippi,