Start Talking-January 25, 2016

 January 25-31 is National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week.

According to Know! National Drug & Alcohol Facts, Alcohol is still the most abused drug among school age students.   Please take a minute to review this information that may be helpful in starting a conversation with your children. Know! Jan 25-31 Fact Week. Know! is an organization that is focused on empowering parents to raise substance-free children.

Children are less at risk of substance use when parents communicate their expectations! We know that spending time with children and clear boundaries regarding what is acceptable will help them stay substance free. Students report that engaging conversation gives them many advantages. Student feedback on this approach is as follows:

  • A strong positive when adults listen to them, spend time with them, and explicitly tell them not to use alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs;
  • They feel like their community cares about them; and
  • They have something positive to do with their time.

Additional information can be found on the Drug Free Action Alliance (DFAA) webpage.