FHS First Semester Exam Schedule

From the desk of Mr. Robert Maver, FHS Principal

Each student received on Friday, January 8th, the First Semester Exam Schedule and permission slip during FAST. Remember, these are shortened school days, which will be explained on the permission slip. Students who have a scheduled study hall or lunch at the end of each exam date can either leave school early, or arrive late, depending on the exam time, which will be explained on the Exam Schedule. Students must have parent permission to depart early or arrive late, and the permission slip must be returned to your FAST teacher by Friday morning, January 22nd. Exam dates are Monday—Wednesday, January 25—27. Late arrival students can receive their schedule in the Main Office. This schedule is also explained on the FHS website.

**FHS Students will be taking their First Semester Exams from Monday, January 25th through Wednesday January 27th. Exams will be 90 minutes long, and students will take an exam in each of their first semester courses. Here is some more information regarding these three exam days. Semester exams account for 20% of a student’s semester grade.

  • The Semester Exam Schedule & Permission slip is attached: First Semester Exam Schedule – January 20162
  • Buses will run as normal
  • Students who cannot get a ride home after testing may stay until 2:30 in study hall, then ride their normal bus home
  • Lunch will be served as normal. Lunch times are listed on the exam schedule. Students are not required to stay for lunch, but may eat lunch until their ride comes. All students must be in lunch during the lunch period, or depart campus. After lunch, students will have 10 minutes to either depart campus or report to study hall, or a teacher for extra tutoring. There will be no loitering in the hallways, gym, or building
  • Students who have JVS or CCP courses are not required to be at FHS for non-scheduled periods
  • Students may arrive late or leave early for exams where they have a scheduled study hall or lunch period. Students must submit the permission slip, which is at the bottom of the attached exam schedule, to their FAST teacher by Friday, January 22nd, in order to be excused from these non-testing periods
  • Students who have 2nd period study hall may not depart campus and return to take another test. They must remain in study hall during 2nd period if they have both a 1st and 9th period exam. This applies only to Monday of Exam week.
  • The school day ends at 12:30 pm on Monday, and 11:45 am on Tuesday and Wednesday. Students may either stay for lunch and then depart, stay for both lunch and study hall, or depart when the day ends. Again, there are to be no students in the hallway, gym, or any other area.
  • Second Semester begins on Thursday, January 28th, with a normal day. There will be no block days during this week
  • The FHS Exam schedule is designed to help the students prepare for their exams. This schedule is similar to ones that are used throughout Northeast Ohio, and is similar to exam schedules at colleges and universities. Study hard and prepare, and get plenty of rest to maximize your potential