Building and Grounds Update December 14, 2015

Earlier this month, MKC Architects were asked to evaluate areas at SAMS, including the Chimney and Bell Tower. It was noted that bricks and small sandstones were loose and to avoid any further safety concerns, the architects were asked for a course of action.

Mr. Yard, a structural engineer for MKC, gave his recommendation and an excerpt from that finding is below:

“The two areas of concern were the chimney and the north side of the bell tower. The condition of the sandstone veneer around the chimney was similar to the rest of the façade except that a larger crack had developed in the west face and had traveled through several of the sandstone units. The north wall of the bell tower was constructed of clay brick and sandstone. There were cracks at or near the joints between the two materials and the brick was bulging around a rusted steel lintel.”

Given this information, Firelands Local Schools hired Drost Masonry to repair the chimney. The scope of work included:

1. Build Scaffold on roof
2. Tuck point Mortar joints that need repaired
3. Install Screen over top flue
3. Clean up and remove Scaffold

The work was completed the week of December 11th at a cost of $ 8,140.00


















Work on the existing bell tower, price undetermined, will take place at a later date.