FABC to stock Field House

The Firelands Athletic Booster Club (FABC) has worked for many years to Falcon with red trimraise funds for the planned Field House. The group envisions a Field House that will provide space for a variety of athletic needs. The facility would include an indoor running/walking track and also come equipped with free weights, work out machines, changing rooms, and showers. In addition, community time within the Field House would also be scheduled.

The FABC created the Legacy Project as a way of keeping funds separated for this project and to keep the big picture in sight. The fund has been in existence since 2008 and the determination to see this project to completion  is wonderful! The group fully supports a facility that will benefit our students with additional conditioning time, practice time, and open gym availability.

This group continues to stock our current weight room with much needed equipment. In addition to their many purchases, the FABC’s Legacy Project still remains healthy – with over $ 23,000 dollars banked for this project! Once the building project is approved by our voters, and the field house is built, the weights and equipment that have already been purchased will be moved over to the new Field House. The Booster Club is committed to using the Legacy Funds to purchase additional equipment to enrich the athletic experience of all of our student athletes.

The FABC supports our students that are involved with basketball, football, baseball, softball, bowling, cheer leading, cross-country, golf, volleyball, soccer, track, and wrestling. The FABC is committed to supporting our students in every athletic endeavor.