Mrs. Neal receives grant funding

Congratulations to 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Debbie Neal!

Mrs. Neal was the recipient of a $500.00 grant that was awarded from Jim and Gail Meinke. The Meinkes, both former public school teachers, live within the Firelands School District. They offer this annual grant to help fund programs that encourages the development and creativity of staff and students.

Last year, a student approached Mrs. Neal and asked her if she could help a group of kids make this world a warmer place. Coincidentally, Mrs. Neal was searching for a way to help students in need. Together they came up with the blanket project.  The blanket project brings student volunteers together to create fleece tie blankets that will be given to children who spend time at The Blessing House. The Blessing House is a children’s crisis care center for children up to the age of 12.

This group of 21 students and 2 teachers will work through November to create as many blankets that they can. There will be more information about this great group of students and this project as it nears completion.

blanket making at SAMS 2015 1

Thank you, Mrs. Neal, for leading this great project!

blanket making at SAMS 2015 2