FES Perfect Attendance

Ms. Marybeth Harter, Principal at FES, held a Perfect Attendance ceremony for students at Firelands Elementary School last week. Students who were recognized include:

Kindergarten: Brean Adkins

Grade 1: Abigail Sittinger

Grade 2: Merrit Davis, Telaysia Kraus, Laycye Boyd, Dragan Justice

Grade 3: Logan Bass, Samantha Boyd, Nathan Draga, Brian Diaz, Logan Urban

Grade 5: Aurora Davis, Ella Meszaros, Max Anderson, Isabelle Davis, Jasmine Smith

FES Per Att 2015 1


FES Per Att 2015 2

These sixteen students were awarded certificates and prize bags for their dedication and commitment to their education. Congratulations to each of them and to their families for attending school each day that we were in session!

Additional pictures can be found on Twitter @Falcon_update.