FHS Underclass Semester Exam Schedule

Underclass FHS Semester Exams will be held on June 2,3,4, 2015.  Students will be dismissed after the last exam of the day, which will be at 12:30pm on Tuesday, June 2nd,   11:45am on Wednesday, June 3rd, and 12:15 pm on Thursday June 4th.  Students do not have to stay for lunch on those days, which will be served following the final test on each day.

There will be several occurrences when students may not have to take a final exam, due to a scheduled lunch period or study hall.  In these cases, if a student brings a signed permission slip by their parents, they may either come to school late or leave early if they do not have a testing period due to a study hall or lunch assignment.  Students who do not turn in the signed permission slip must be in school until it is dismissed following the last semester exam each day.  They also do not have to stay for lunch.  Students who do not have parental permission to leave early or arrive late will report to the cafeteria if they have an assigned lunch period, or to their study hall.

The cafeteria will be open for lunch following the final exam each day, and students who ride the bus will be able to stay in the cafeteria until the buses arrive daily at 2:30 on Tuesday and Wednesday of that week.  Thursday, June 4th will see an early bus departure at 12:30 pm, so all students should be out of the building, unless they are making up an exam after school on June 4th.  Also, students who arrive early will be able to wait in the cafeteria for exams to begin on Wednesday and Thursday of that week, which start at 8:30am on June 3rd, and 9am on June 4th.  Exams begin at 7:30 am on Tuesday, June 2nd.  Buses will operate at normal times on exam dates, except for the early departure on June 4th.

Click below for a copy of the Semester Exam Schedule and Permission Slip.  We feel that spreading the tests over three days will not overload our students with test preparation, and is more in line with how colleges and universities approach their exam schedules. – See more at:

2015 Second Semester Exam Schedules