Baldwin wins & Overstreet takes runner-up at Young Authors

6th grade student, Chayce Baldwin won first place in the Lorain County Young Authors program for BEST illustrator.   Approximately 1300 students from Lorain County participated in the program this year and Chayce earned first place for top illustrator in sixth grade.  Chayce has an amazing talent for writing and illustrating.  His book entitled, To the Moon is a heartwarming story of two friends and their journey together.  Look for a copy of this book on display at the Fine Arts Festival.

Also in 6th grade, Delaney Overstreet wrote a wonderful piece of work, Chasing Buddy. Her book was chosen as the runner-up for the best author award!

Delan and Chase

Delaney and Chase with their books.


A page from Chayce’s book


A page from Delaney’s book


Young Authors’, the longest running event organized by the gifted coordinators, is partially funded by the National Association of College Stores and Community Foundation of Lorain County. This opportunity is open to all public and non-public Lorain County Schools including home schooling programs. Last year over 3,000 students in Lorain County wrote books. Of these students, over 1,300 attended the Conference at Lorain County Community College in May. All students involved in Young Authors’ are required to write and illustrate their own book. Districts evaluate the books and choose which students will attend the Conference.

Congratulations to Delaney and Chayce for their outstanding work!