FHS Art Students Granted a Visit to an Art Museum

This spring the FHS Art Appreciation, Art 1 and Art 2 classes are all visiting the Allen Memorial Art Museum on the campus of Oberlin College (87 N. Main St). This free museum has a comprehensive and condensed collection of works spanning centuries and continents. For many students, this was their first visit to this art museum and several expressed that they had no idea that it was even there. Guided by the Curator of Education and OC student scholars, the students closely inspected works of art through small group discussions and sketching in the galleries. Students discovered that close looking and verbal sharing in small groups uncovered new perspectives about the works. They also discovered that concentrated observation and sketching revealed composition and techniques of the artists.

FHS art in oberlin mus 2015 FHS art in oberlin mus 2 2015

This field trip was made possible through a grant from the Firelands Endowment Fund.