FHS Art Society Time Travels in the Oberlin Big Parade

The FHS Art Society, a group of 9-12 grade highly motivated art students, once again participated in the Oberlin Big Parade, held May 2. The students imagined, designed and built a “time machine” float complete with detailed costumes from the decades spanning the 19th century through the 20th century. They built their rolling machine at the Art Society President, Victoria Krejci’s home and hunted costumes, closets and thrift stores for their wardrobe. This was their best entry yet!

2015 Art parade oberlin

Participating students were; Anthony Myer, Maisie Bonnett, Liz Miller, Halle Borer, Faith Rico, Loren Myer, Morgan Edwards, Andrea DiAsio, Rachel Nitchman, Andrew Biery. Ian Crawford, Connor Price, Sarah Slack, Jerund Gonzalez, Victoria Krejci, Sydney Novak and Moeko China.