Novak and Pohorence to receive Gold Award


Sydney Novak and Emily Pohorence will each be receiving the Girl Scouts highest honor, The Gold Award, in June. Both young women represent troop #543. The Girl Scout Gold Award is open only to girls in high school. It is a national award that represents a girl’s time, leadership, creativity, and contribution to making the world a better place.

Sydney Novak

Sydney Novak

Sydney Novak

Novak has been in Girl Scouts since she was in the first grade. Her love of reading was evident even back then. It came as no surprise to those who know this happy 10th grader that her service project would revolve around helping others to be able to do what she loves. Two free mini libraries now stand in South Amherst due to her efforts. The mini libraries are filled with book donations that Novak has collected. The community is invited to visit the mini libraries and to select a book. If you have one that you would like to donate, just leave it inside. If you don’t, that’s ok too. Novak will make sure that the libraries stay well stocked for years to come.

Novak Little lib

Sydney’s Gold Project

You can visit the mini libraries at the South Amherst Town Hall or at the South Amherst Community Park.  Novak has recently partnered with the Stocker Foundation. She has been a volunteer for the organization for some time and has recently started working with them to provide additional resources for her libraries.

Future plans include participation in the College Credit Plus Program. Sydney is looking at a possible career in Education or Psychology.



Emily Pohorence

Emily Pohorence is a senior who is on a mission to better the lives of those around her. She

Emily Pohorence

Emily Pohorence

has held firmly to this type of belief since she was a child. Her mother, Sue Pohorence, has been the leader of troop #543 from the beginning.

Pohorence’s  13 years in Girl Scouts have prepared her for achieving the Bronze, Silver and now, The Gold Award.

Her personal struggles dealing with her mother’s cancer diagnosis led her to create her service project. She felt that various support options were available for adults who had family members fighting cancer, however, there were very few resources available to children. ” I often found myself being the strong one for my family while also feeling alone and as if no one understood what I was going through” said Pohorence. It was those  feelings that sparked the idea for Words for Worries.

Pohorence Book

Emily’s Gold Project

Words for Worries is a collection of art work and poetry from children who also had a loved one going through cancer treatments. Children and young adults helping other children and young adults through their experiences is what this book was created for. Poherence felt that if she had been able to read a book like this when her mother was going through treatment, it would have helped her understand and to not feel so alone.

Assisting Poherence was Mrs. Costello and Mrs. Tawil from The Firelands High School.

The books have been donated to the Firelands English Departments, The North Coast Cancer Treatment Centers, and to The Girl Scouts.

Congratulations to both Novak and Poherence. A job well done!