Mrs. Tawil – 2015 OAEA Art Educator of the Year!

Ms. Laura Tawil

Ms. Laura Tawil

Congratulations to Mrs. Tawil—2015 Ohio Art Educator of the Year!

The OAEA Art Educator of the Year award is a lifetime achievement award presented to art educators who have often already received previous OAEA awards within their region and/or division. These individuals have exhibited dedication and commitment to OAEA and art education over an extended period of years. It is the highest award the Ohio Art Education Association has to offer. Mrs. Tawil has her students performing at amazing levels, as attested by the many works of Art they present both at FHS and in the area.

Mrs. Tawil had the following to say regarding her approach to art instruction: “Teaching art is teaching the whole student.  I am teaching a language of expression which to learn requires the volleying between words and creating visuals to form the message.  Sometimes words are not adequate.  Sometime visuals are not adequate.  My students employ their foundation in language to support their development of the visual form…I am consumed by art education.  I love teaching, anyone, at any time, about anything art.  My eyes are ever vigilant, constantly scanning for learning opportunities.  My hands are ever-moving, learning from the materials to transfer to my students.  Simultaneously exhausted and energized, I never blink from the creative conversation.”

Congratulations, Mrs. Tawil!