Art Criticism Writing Competition – SAMS


SAMS Art Critism Writing 2015

Sara Drury, Kaya Loyd, Mike Durdak, and Grace Bayus


SAMS Art students finish strong in the OAEA Jerry Tollifson Art Criticism Writing Competition – Middle School Division. Kaya Loyd earned 1st place overall. Sarah Drury placed 2nd, Grace Bayus 3rd and Mike Durdak earned an honorable mention. The state wide writing competition was founded by art educator Jerry Tollifson who believed that a child’s ability to “read” artworks made by others is equally important to his or her ability to create them. Jerry conceived this writing competition as an annual opportunity to recognize students for their ability to articulate and compose critical responses to artworks. He promoted the idea that exercising critical thinking and careful observation while discovering an artwork’s deeper meanings and significance empowered students to also build self-discipline and confidence. He also saw the competition as another way to engage students in observing, perceiving, analyzing, and interpreting—abilities that have practical relevance in other academic areas and as life skills.

Submitted by Mrs. Tamara Chippi