Superintendent’s Legislative Update

In an effort to keep our community informed about legislative activity pertaining to education, the most recent update is as follows (Facts in a Flash, Jennifer Hogue, Ohio School Boards Association, 2014):

  • House Education Committee
    • Passed HB 303 (Hayes-R) authorizes students enrolled in public school to engage in religious expression before, during, and after school hours in the same manner and to the same extent that students may engage in secular activities or expression.
    • Passed HB 304 (Hayes-R), requires public schools to give students who wish to meet for the purpose of religious expression the same access to school facilities as is given to secular student groups without regard to the content of the expression.
  • Senate activity
    • Passed SB 266 (Skindell-D, Lehner-R) 32-0 Applies the restraint and seclusion policy requirements that public schools are currently mandated to follow to community schools and STEM schools.
  • House activity
    • HB 460 (Brenner-R, Driehaus-D) 85-3 Authorizes school districts and community schools to initiate a community learning process to assist and guide school restructuring.
    • HB 343 (Stebelton-R) 84-2 Makes changes to state assessments and academic performance reporting, as well as other changes to primary and secondary education programs.

Thank you to the Ohio School Boards association for providing Facts in a Flash.

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