Superintendent’s Legislative Update

In an effort to keep our community informed about legislative activity pertaining to education, Dr. Hill will provide legislative updates as they become available. The most recent updates are as follows (Facts in a Flash, Jennifer Hogue, Ohio School Boards Association, 2014):

  • House Education Committee
    • House Bill 228 limits the amount of time students spend on testing to four hours per year, per subject and grade level, with a few exceptions. The bill also requires the Ohio Department of Education to analyze the capacity and readiness of districts for the administration of online testing. The department would be required to compile and present its findings and propose an implementation plan to address issues or problems by June 30, 2015. Additional analysis is found at HB 228.
    • HB 343 proposes several changes to assessments, including:
      • allowing biology or physical science to be used as the science end-of-course exam for the next two school years;
      • requiring districts to give the third-grade reading Ohio Achievement Assessment to all third-graders this spring;
      • exempting all chartered nonpublic schools from administering Ohio’s end-of-course exams. A complete analysis is found at HB 343.
  • Senate Education Committee
    • House Bill 113 allows schools to excuse students from high school physical education requirements if they participate in a school-sponsored athletic club.
    • House Bill 178 makes changes to school safety drills.
    • House Bill 367 requires schools to include instruction on prescription drug abuse prevention in their health curriculum.
    • Senate Bill (SB) 266 applies the restraint and seclusion rules to community schools.
  • Senate Civil Justice Committee
    • The Senate Civil Justice Committee held its first hearing on HB 290 sponsored by Rep. Gerald L. Stebelton (R-Lancaster). This legislation provides immunity from civil liability for school districts that allow the public to use school premises.
  • Senate activity
    • The Senate met this week and passed SB 241, sponsored by Sen. Tom Sawyer (D-Akron). This bill adds four members to the Straight A Fund governing board, two appointed by the House minority leader and two appointed by the Senate minority leader.
  • House activity
    • The House met and passed HB 228 sponsored by Rep. Andrew Brenner (R-Powell) by a vote of 83-4. HB 228 makes changes to limit the amount of time students are tested annually. This bill is now headed to the Senate for consideration.

Thank you to the Ohio School Boards association for providing Facts in a Flash.

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