Fall Senior Appreciation Night

Fall Senior Appreciation Night will be held on Friday, October 31st. The Event will take place before the home football game. Students in the following sports and/or activities will be recognized: Cross Country, Football, Band, Golf, Soccer, Volleyball and Cheer.

Please join us in thanking these students and their parents/guardians for their contributions and dedication to our athletics. The following list is made up of students who are eligible to participate in the Fall Senior Appreciation Night.

Tristan Clark Football
Bradley Deremiah Football
Nicholas Johnson Football
Garrett McKinney FootballClass of 2015
Jared Petrey Football
Jacob Rutkowski Football
Colin Smith Football
Peter Wilhelm Football
Aaron Williams Football
Codie Wilson Football
Daniel Kasper Football
Alyssa Bonomolo Cheerleading
Hannah Vitale Cheerleading
Lauren Bansek Volleyball
Shaylin Canterbury Volleyball
Mikayla Walbom Volleyball
Madison Widener Volleyball
Mitchell Hildebrandt Golf
Michael Adkins Boys CC
Jacob Barnes Boys CC
Brennan Crawford Boys CC
Cullen Grude Boys CC
Matthew Gulish Boys CC
Tristan Hildebrandt Boys CC
Cole Lewis Boys CC
Derek Reynolds Boys CC
Spencer Streibel Boys CC
Leslie Peterson Girls CC
Bryce Bartolotta Boys Soccer
Tristan Clark Boys Soccer
Nicholas Harris Boys Soccer
Alexander Hertensteiner Boys Soccer
Joshua Mallett Boys Soccer
Jordan Ruffner Boys Soccer
Nicholas Schaffer Boys Soccer
Gustave Tapper Boys Soccer
Jessica Beran Girls Soccer
Brandi Holowecky Girls Soccer
Rebecca Jackson Girls Soccer
Carrie Kubicki Girls Soccer
Valerie Riccardi Girls Soccer
Jessica Adams Band
Shaun Alcorn Band
Bethany Anderson Band
Stephen Bedweg Band
Nicole Crawford Band
Nicole DeWitt Band
Grace Folley Band
Hannah Hicks Band
Garrett Hoffman Band
Wesley Kromer Band
Brad Midkiff Band
Rachel Nitchman Band
Abby Petrey Band
Emily Pohorence Band
Derek Reynolds Band
Jamie Smith Band
John Socha Band
Louis Stevens Band
Patrick Stewart Band
Josiah Sweinhagen Band
Karley Zimmerman Band

All Senior Athletes must complete the Senior Appreciation form and submit to Mr. Brown or Student Council President Taylor Odom by Friday, October 24th, 2014.  Senior Appreciation Application-14

Congratulations to our Seniors and thank you to Student Council for hosting this event!