National School Bus Safety Week

National School Bus Safety Week:   October 20 through October 24, 2014IMG_0005

This year’s theme for School Bus Safety Week is “Be Smart- Be Seen – I wait in a SAFE PLACE”.  We will continue to emphasize staying out of the danger zone while waiting for the bus.  Remember to stay back from the edge of the road at least 10 feet or 10 giant steps.  Wait in a location visible by the bus driver.  When getting off of the bus, make sure that you wait in your designated place of safety 10 giant steps away from the road until the bus leaves. During the week the driver’s will be performing emergency evacuation drills as required by State Law with all grades, so expect some delays after school.

There will also be focus on other safety rules regarding bus safety and emergency exits.  It is also important for you as parents to discuss bus stop safety, stranger danger and to have an emergency plan if no one is going to be home for students.  Additional bus safety information is available on the schools web site on the Transportation tab.

School Bus Safety depends on everybody’s cooperation!


PLEASE NOTE:  Also as a reminder, our bus procedure policy changed last year, and no one is allowed to ride the bus home with another student with a note as we have allowed in the past. Our Variance form Policy is available on the School’s Website under Transportation.