Author-Illustrator James Horvath

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James Horvath

James Horvath, author-illustrator and South Amherst Alumnus, returned to SAMS to share information regarding his career.  Horvath created the popular children’s series, Dig Dogs Dig.

Horvath spent the day speaking with students in both small and large group settings.  He answered questions that the students prepared ahead of time and spoke honestly about his journey to become an author-illustrator.

When asked for advice on how aspiring authors should write,  Horvath responded, “Just Start. Write and write a lot. If you are an artist, draw. Draw everyday. You can be a published author right now. Have confidence. Submit your works to the local newspaper. Put yourself out there. You can succeed and get better in your art everyday.”

Throughout his message, Horvath stressed that his career path wasn’t based on a traditional writer’s path. Classic literature didn’t interest him as a child.  While a student at South Amherst Schools, he loved to read comic books. Horvath said, “Comic books gave me a love of stories, graphics, color, illustration and for the art of the story.”  This early appreciation for an art form that was not yet wildly accepted as credible art, push him to stay true to his own style.

Horvath now lives in California and is the owner of James Toons Studios.  His professional accomplishments not only include his own line of books, but he is also a highly sought after independent artist with clients such as Nestles and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Horvath introduces his book, Dig Dog Dig.

Horvath introduces his book, Dig Dogs Dig.