Students at SAMS create mini library

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Student Librarians

Students at South Amherst Middle School saw a need and took it upon themselves to find a solution.

Mrs. Searight’s students were aware of books that were not being utilized. The books were older but the group decided that they still could be in circulation.   Students have the opportunity to visit the school’s library and check out books at least once a week. However, for the students who have a true love of reading, this opportunity just wasn’t enough.

Under Mrs. Searight’s direction, this group of dedicated students gave up their normal lunch and instead choose to have a working lunch. They planned, organized, cleaned and developed a mini library with the books that they discovered.  These young ladies hope to promote reading to all of their classmates by being able to suggest material and having the material easily available.

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The Mini Library at Sams.

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Mini Library Classification System

Spending time in our school library gave this group the understanding of what they could create.  The mini library is set up like the main school library and Mrs. Leimbach has been a great role model for these young ladies.

As a result of the efforts by this group, students in 7th and 8th grades now have the opportunity to quickly check out a book that is  suggested by their peers. Congratulations to this dedicated group-you are a fine example of Falcon Pride!