Congratulations to our dedicated staff!

2014-2015 Service Recognition

2014-2015 Service Recognition Employees

During our opening staff meeting Dr. Hill and Mr. Von Gunten took time to recognize our staff members who reached milestones in their careers with the FLSD. Employees who reached 10 Years, 15 years, 20 Years, 25 Years and 30 Years of service were recognized.Congratulations to the following for many years of dedication to Firelands!

10 years

Jean Bates, Judy Baumann, Jacqueline Hatfield and Matt Hoven

15 Years

Jennifer Becker, Neil Frank, Lora Huffman, Mark Kirsch, Stephan Lias, Jean Liljegren, Renee Mick, Melissa Mowry, Charlene Muth, Debra Neal, Danielle Phillips,  Carolyn Strittmather, Cindy Thomas and Terri Watson

20 Years

Anne Callahan, Gwendolyn Johnson and Trudy Wilber

25 Years

Claudia Bunt, Sara Schlechter, Terri Thomas and Deborah Urbansky

30 years

Bonnie Saltis

Ms. Bonnie Saltis

Ms. Bonnie Saltis