Seniors Presented Scholarships and Awards at Senior Breakfast

The Senior breakfast took place on May 20, 2014 at 8:00 a.m.  As part of tradition at FHS, seniors were given breakfast and then took part in an awards ceremony. Seniors have been working extremely hard over the last semester applying for various scholarships and many of them were awadred here at the breakfast. The following is a partial list of awards that were given to our outstanding seniors:

Class of 2014 Scholarships

Amherst Rotary: Danny Arnold, Emma Ranney and Amanda Spears

Senior Breakfast 2014

Senior Breakfast 2014

Student Council: Katie Cline, Emma Ranney and Aaron Wickes

Mr. Muth Memorial Scholarship: Rebecca Myers

Latteman Scholarship: Fabian Melendez and Logan Sittinger

Joseph L. Knoble Lions Club: Nathan Kromer

Strive: Haleigh Bari and Mikiah Tillman

College Now: Sharareh Feizkhah, Jordan Penkava and Daniel Truitt

College Recruiting Specialist: Brittany Bowyer

Music Booster: Christine Balint

Athletic Booster Club: Nicole Strauss

Medical Mutual: Abigail Skolnik

Michelle Brand Memorial: Nathan Kromer

Franklin Walter: Emma Ranney

FFA Chapter Awards

State Degrees: Chrissy Balint, Cole Jones, Jeb Larson, Emma Ranney, Amanda Spears, Callie Stevens

Book Scholarship: Chrissy Balint, Sarah Carter, Katie Cline, Albert Fath, Hannah Galloway, Mikayla Habeck, Cole Jones, Jeb Larson, Jordan Penkava, Emma Rainey, Tom Schuman, Amanda Spears, Callie Stevens, Aaron Wicks

Lorain County Fair Queen Scholarship: Chrissy Balint

Earl F. “Doc” Kanter National FFA Scholarship: Chrissy Balint

Lifeshare Community Blood Bank Scholarship: Hannah Galloway

Bunge North America National FFA Scholarship: Emma Ranney

Elks National Foundations Scholarship: Emma Ranney

Franklin B. Walter Scholarship: Emma Ranney

Louise Freeland Scholarship: Amanda Spears

2013-2014 Firelands Endowment Scholarship Recipients

Represents a long-term commitment to provide a stable source of funding for school

          programs beyond the scope of normal required school expenditures

Firelands Community Scholarship:
Christine Balint – $1000
Rebecca Myers – $1000
Emma Ranney – $1000
Amanda Spears – $1000
South Amherst Rotary Scholarship:
Nicole Strauss – $750
John W. Hostetler Scholarship:
Summer Adkins – $1000
Jim Solomon Memorial Scholarship:
Emma Ranney – $1000
Cameron Greene Scholarship:
Nathan Kromer – $750
Milad & Fanny Abraham Scholarship:
Christine Balint – $2000
Katie Cline – $2000
Nathan Kromer – $2000
Jordan Penkava – $2000
Amanda Spears – $2000
Susan Beecheler Scholarship – No Applicants
Debbie Cook Scholarship – No Applicants


Nathan Kromer receiving one of the Milad and Fanny Abraham Scholarships

Nathan Kromer receiving one of the Milad and Fanny Abraham Scholarships

JVS Scholars 2014

Summer Adkins – Allied Health Science received a $2,000 Scholarship Placed 1st at Regional and 3rd at state for First Aid and CPR & Participated last summer at Nationals.  Summer placed 1st at the state level for this event in 2014 and will participate at Nationals.

Travis Alexander – Ford Scholarship

Kenneth Conrady– Web and Graphics Placed at Regional Competition for Business Professional of America

Brandon Danicki – Computerized Design and Drafting –Oustanding Senior Nominee

Danielle Dudukovich – Allied Health Science National Technical Honor Society

Hannah Galloway – Allied Health Science received a $500, Scholarship National Technical Honor Society, Academic Excellence Tab.  Placed 1st at Regional and 3rd at state for First Aid and CPR & Participated last summer at Nationals.   Placed 1st at the state level for this event in 2014 and will participate at Nationals.

Curt Geary – Placed 1st at regionals for CNC Milling and 3rd at the State Level

Julio Gonzalez – Carpentry JVS Interact

Patrick Haponek– Marketing and Management DECA Business Services Placed at Regionals

Mike Henery Jr– Carpentry – Outstanding Senior

Zach Lawlis– Industrial Equipment Mechanics JVS Interact Placed at the regional and state level in Outdoor power.

Joel Lawson– Precision Machine Technology- Outstanding Senior Nominee

Eric McClintock– Marketing and Management DECA Placed at the Regional level in Business Law and Entrepreneurship Innovation plan.

Daysha Owens – Allied Health Science- Placed at regionals in First Aid and CPR.

Constance Rehm: Gold at Regional Baking Competition, Silver at State Baking Competition

Joseph Sosinski– Commercial Truck Technology Outstanding Senior Award and received a$4,000 Scholarship Placed 1st at the regional and state level for diesel Equipment mechanics and will participate in Nationals. $10,000 UNOH scholarship

Amanda Spears – Allied Health Sciences received $4,000.00 Scholarship, National Technical Honor Society,Outstanding Senior, Louis Freeland Scholarship

Savannah Street – Allied Health Science- Placed at regionals in First Aid and CPR.

Damian Wilson – Culinary Arts- Gold at Regionals, 1st at State, and participating in Nationals

Megan Wyckoff– Early Childhood Education National Programs in Action Silver at Regional and State Levels.  Chapter Service Display Silver at Regional and Gold at the State Level.


Certificate and Other Award Winners

Teen Leadership Corp.: Nathan Birach, Albert Fath, Nathan Kromer, Maya Leachman, Chelsea Otero, Abigail Skolnik, Makiah Tilman, Rose Walther, Grace Wells, Rachel Williams, Korey Zajicek, Katherine Loeser, Rebecca Myers and Christian Tague

Tee Certificates: Rebecca Myers, Matt Novak, Kevin Rollins and Abigail Skolnik

Scholar/Athlete-Archie Griffith: Fabian Melendez and Cassandra Morrissette

Semper Fi: Abigail Skolnik

Student of the Month: Emma Raney, Daniel Truitt, Abigail Skolnik, Jordan Penkava, Nathan Kromer, Christine Balint, Kellie Rennie, Cole Jones and Jeb Larson

Student of the Year: Kellie Rennie

Oberlin Rotary Strive: Haleigh Bari

G.I. Scholarship: Travis Collins

USBC Scholarship: Katie Loeser

Elks National Foundation: Emma Ranney

Pell Grant: Anthony Smith

Firelands Positive People: Rose Walther

High Schools That Work: Taylor Marcum and Jordan Penkava


University Scholarships

The Ohio State University Academic Scholarship: Christine Balint

The University of Toledo Academic Scholarship: Savannah Deidrick, Mikayla Habeck, Jordan Penkava -Jesup Honors,

Ohio Northern Academic Scholarship: Emma Ranney

Ohio University Academic Scholarship: Amanda Spears

Lorain County Community College Trustee Scholarship: Danny Arnold, Diana Beursken, Hannah Galloway,Brenna Horwedel, Cole Jones, Nicolette Jordan, Fabian Melendez, Emily Krieg, Rebecca Myers, Daysha Owens, Kellie Rennie, Michael Socha, Daniel Truitt, Spenser Urig and Ethan Willis

Lorain County Community College Presidential Scholarship: Travis Alexander,  Briana Anadell, Chayce Hall, Jeb Larson, Alyssa Melendez, Fabian Melendez and Savannah Street

LCCC Diversity Scholarship: Mariana Carreon, Kayla Landuyt, Chelsea Otero, Alyssa Melendez, Fabian Melendez and Daysha Owens

Bowling Green State University Scholarship: Sharareh Feizkhah, Lauren Holcomb

Bowling Green State University Award of Distinction: Maya Leachman

The OU Ohio Signature Awards Program: Ashley Gasparini, Taylor Marcum, Jordan Penkava, Amanda Spears

Lincoln College: Curtis Geary

Hiram Academic Scholarship: Heidi Wiegand

Wittenberg Scholarship: Taylor Marcum

Congratulations to all of our SENIORS – we wish you continued success in every venture. Best of luck class of 2014!