COSI come to FES

The COSI on Wheels program came to FES on June 4, 2014  for students in grades 2, 3, and 5.  The program took the students on an adventure into Outer Space with an Astounding Astronomy program! Previously, the program visited the rest of the student body in-between snow days. Those students had the chance to spend time Investigating Energy.

The Astronomy based program started with a group presentation that took the students on a trip into our solar system.  The students identified with planets and the distance between each other and the sun.  Students had fun working with the team from COSI learning about the temperature of each planet using a hands-on demonstration of items they might need to wear if they were to visit other planets!



Students also had the opportunity to break into smaller groups and try out several other hands-on activities. One such area was the Spectacular Station where students explored the creation of light and color as they related to astronomy.



Students can follow this link to log onto the COSI web page for additional information about the center. The Center of Science and Industry is located in Columbus, Ohio and is home to over 300,000 square feet of entertaining adventure! Students were all given a free COSI admission in case they are able to visit in the future.

This program was made possible through the financial support of the FES PTG and by the many people who donated their time to make the program possible.