Crime Prevention Tips

The Lorain County Sheriff’s Department has provided a link on their web page that gives excellent crime prevention advice for burglary prevention, avoiding scams, protecting kids and various other threats.Lorain County Sheriff

According to the Sheriff’s department, the summer months see the majority of home burglaries. Please follow the Burglary Prevention link to see what small changes you can make to better secure your home.

Currently we have several active scams being reported in Lorain and Erie counties. The information listed in the following pages may help protect you and your assets. Please read the information on how to Avoid Scams.

On the Avoid Scams page you will find a link, Protect Kids Online. Please take a minute to look at this great advice, especially as the summer approaches and our students are at a greater risk of online threats due to additional free time.

Being aware helps to reduce the chances of being a victim. Stay safe this summer!