SAMS students earn OAA celebration

IMG_5573Once again, the students at SAMS  worked hard  to do well on their OAA tests.  This year the students that focused on their education and utilized good test taking strategies had the opportunity to earn tickets to an all school  reward celebration.  Tickets were earned by being respectful when teachers were conducting classroom lessons, completing OAA review assignments, double checking their own work before turning in the actual test and for overall good behavior prior to and during the actual test.

Over 400 students earned the right to attend the all-school OAA celebration. Students had the freedom to take part in the following:



  • Bounce houses
  • Basketball
  • Cornhole
  • A Dance with a DJ
  • A Craft Room where students made cards and signs for our Special Olympic participants










At the end of the celebration, Mr. Spagnola volunteered to be part of the PTG’s fundraising efforts. Students donated .50 or $1.00 to receive sections of duct tape to tape Mr. Spagnola to the wall. Students loved having the chance to tape up the Principal!  The money raised by the PTG was put into their general fund and will be used at the beginning of the year for teacher requests.  The funds are used for student/classroom needs. When the students were done taping up Mr. Spagnola, the stool that he was standing on was removed, and the students got to watch how long he was able to hang on the wall!