FES celebrates two winners from the Young Authors Conference

Young Authors is the longest running event organized by the gifted coordinators. It  is partially funded by the National Association of College Stores.  All students involved in Young Authors are required to write and illustrate their own book. Districts evaluate the books and choose which students will attend the Young Authors Conference.

This year, FES had TWO winners at the Lorain County Young Authors Conference. There were 15 different districts that participated in the program. Each grade level had the opportunity to submit books to be judged against others in the county to win “Best of Show” awards for writing or illustrating.

A fourth grade student, Maggie Edwards from Ms. Snyder’s Language Arts Class won Best in Show for Writing above all other fourth graders in all 15 districts.

A fifth grade student,Chayce Baldwin from Ms.  Davis’ Language Arts Class won Best of Show for Illustrations for the second year in a row!

Chayce Baldwin

Chayce Baldwin


Maggie Edwards

Five third grade students, all fourth grade students, and about 25 fifth grade students at FES created books for the program. Of those, approximately 80 students were selected to attend the conference in which they got to listen to children’s book author, Kathleen Pelley give talks about nurturing writing skills and becoming an author.  One book per grade level at FES was nominated to be submitted for the top honor of Best of Show for each category.  Winners are awarded with a medal, engraved trophy, enlarged poster of their book cover, and a professionally bound copy of their original book.We’re extremely proud of not only the students who won, but also each and every student who put their creative talents to work in authoring and illustrating their own unique book. Students will also be honored at a Board meeting presentation later on.

Also, FES was selected by the ESC to have a visit to our school by author Kathleen Pelley on Wednesday, May 14th. All fourth grade students gathered in the library to listen to her melodic Scottish accent as she shared stories she’s written, talked about becoming a writer, and answered questions about herself and her stories.