SAMS students to attend Physics Day

Students in grades 6-9 who have earned  Straight A’s in Math and Science for the first three grading periods have qualified to attend Physics Day at Cedar Point.Corkscrew Cp

These students will be a part of the Physics Day Experience on Friday,  May 23, 2014.  The students will tour the park doing physics problems to show how math and science principles are applied everywhere in the park.  It is our hope that the experience will open new areas of interest for some and enhance existing interests for others.

Congratulations  to the following students for their  academic success:

6th Grade:

Lexi Alston, Lexi Coggins, Chance Coultrip, Alyssa Danicki,Alessandra Davis, Logan Davis, Holly Eberhardt, Sam Formholtz, Sadie Hutsenpiller, Jordon Janosik, Kaya Loyd, Chad Rich, Robert Ruse, Austin Schuler, Emily Stewart, Samantha Walcott, Nick Well, and Lauren Widener

7th Grade:

Zach Baldwin, Grace Bayus, Cora Born, Macey Butchko, Sarah Drury, Michael Durdak, Beau Grude,Chad Hieb,  Halli Kromer, Michael Nicolaou, Chace Riley, Emma Sherban, Isabel Solowiej, Alex Steindl, Tim Street, Isaac Sultzer, Nathan Thompson, and Elijah Yoder

8th Grade:

Zach Bennett, Jacob Campbell, Averi Cleary, Abi Hill, Serena Hoffman, Emily Holcomb, Anthony Houdeshell, Samantha Ives, Corey Jones, Morgan Nance, Olivia Novak, Justin Ollis, Madison Palmer, Hannah Reynolds, Faith Rico, Angelina Rivera, Jacob Selent, Brian Smith, McKenna Turton and Joy Vaughn