Perfect Attendance Lunch for FHS students

Recently, students at FHS that achieved a perfect attendance record were invited to a luncheon to celebrate their accomplishment. Students were treated to lunch at Moose Head restaurant in Amherst, Ohio in reward for having perfect attendance from the first day of school up to the day of the lunch. Mr. Reighley and Mr. Kudela were on hand to congratulate the students during the lunch.

On April 25, 2014, 46 students were recognized for their major accomplishment. Congratulations to these students for their dedication and commitment.  It take great determination to obtain Perfect Attendance !

Bethany Andersonperfect attendance
Jacob Bailey
Max Bailey
Austin Beursken
Andrew Biery
Halle Borer
Jacob Bradley
Matthew Browning
Tyler Clark
Michael Cornwell
Ian Crawford
Brenndan Frankish
Sarah Gallo
Amber Gasparini
Hannah Gerstacker
Mikaela Geyer
Alexander Hertensteiner
Chloe Hewlett
Lauren Holcomb
Brandi Holowecky
Madalyn Hopkins
Katie Iwanek
Emily Krieg
Nathan Kromer
Charles Lacy Tennant
Matthew Lee
Kitana MacLean
Taylor Marcum
Benjamin Markovich
Anthony Myer
Sydney Novak
Jordan Penkava
Emma Ranney
Rebecca Reicholf
Kellie Rennie
Johnathon Rovere
Cole Sklarek
John Socha
Joseph Socha
Bradley Thrasher
David Tomsco
David Vaughn III
Allison Vilagi
Claire Vilagi
Cody Weston