A Minute with Mrs. Callahan

During this busy month, Mrs. Callahan was kind enough to talk with me about her education, her history with the district, and her family.  She is truly a Firelands’ treasure and we are lucky to have her!

On her thoughts about her education and desire to become a teacher – Mike71128 she responded:

I have wanted to be a teacher as long as I can remember…which goes way back! I have fond memories of being a student and admiring the tremendous teachers I have had throughout the years; from the elementary teachers who opened the symbols of language and reading to me to the teachers who illustrated the power and beauty of those words. When asked what I “do,” I am still humbled to reply that I am a teacher, and my hope is that I could live up to being a member of this most important vocation. I begin each day of my life with the plan to lift others up, and impart that we all should be so grateful to live in this beautiful country which values the education of each person.

I am a Firelands alumna. I explain to the Seniors at the end of the year that your school is  your “alma mater,” which translates from Latin as “other mother.” Firelands is home to me; it always has been and always will be. My undergraduate degree is from The Ohio State University, and my graduate degree is from Marygrove College.

How long have you worked for FLSD-where did you begin your career?

I began my career in 1981 as long term substitute for Mrs. Whyte, the Senior and Junior English, Mass Media teacher. After that, I taught Speech and Drama, directing  one act plays in the Fall and the Spring all- school play “Up the Down Staircase.” I left in 1984 when I had my first son, and returned in 1994. I have had the opportunity to work with every level in the high- from Freshmen to Seniors! What a privilege it is to have be a part of so many people’s lives!

Can you tell us about the OCEANS (Oberlin College Educational Alliance Network) part of your teaching day?

In 2011, it was decided that we would add Shakespeare and Performance in concordance with Oberlin College. This class gives students a chance to get Shakespeare “up on its feet” and make the scenes come alive. It is exciting to tell students that when they read, interpret, and perform Shakespeare, they are co-creating and collaborating with the greatest writer in the history of the English language! In addition, we are fortunate to have our students able to be a part of this world class college.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love to cook huge meals for my family, read everything I can get my hands on, cheer for all of my favorite sports teams, and talk, talk, talk to anyone and everyone!!

What can you tell me about your family?

I have been married to my husband, Paul, for 32 years and we have three sons, Paul, who works for the Unites States Postal Service; Nick, who will graduate from medical school in June and will begin his residency in Orthopedic Surgery; and Daniel, who is an engineer who works in Michigan, but lives in Toledo so he will of course NEVER have a Michigan license plate!

Are you doing anything fun over the summer?

On June 7 our son Nick will be married! After that, I go to a workshop at Oberlin College for OCEANS and then plan to work on curriculum with my colleagues!

I love to be outside, either working hard at something or hardly working.

I will also spend time with my friends and family lunching and of course, getting in lots of talk time!

Would you like to share anything else with our community?

I am so proud to say that my roots here are very deep. My Grandma and Grandpa came to Henrietta in the early 1900’s, and I live on  that same property!

 If I had a minute to say something, it would be this:  Each student who walks through the doors and has walked through the doors of Firelands Schools is unique and wonderful in his/her own way. The greatest joy is to be a part of their development  and to challenge them to grow in their potential that they possess!

We as a community hold a treasure beyond measure; I am so honored to be a part of it.


Mrs. Callahan  has been with FLSD long enough to understand the value in who we are as a district and  where we fit as part of the community. She clearly strives to bring new approaches to her students  for a better understanding  of the subject matter that they are studying.  Thank you, Mrs. Callahan, for being part of the Firelands’ family!