TLC Students raise awareness

TLCThe Firelands High School Teen Leadership Corps would genuinely like to thank our community for the love and support they’ve given. On April 29th, TLC and many volunteers made possible a safe driving assembly. Our intent was to inform the student body of the dangers of texting, drinking, and not wearing your seat belt while driving. During the assembly, students had the opportunity to hear the stories and messages of Mrs. Lori Cook, Ms. Rebecca Schroyer, Mrs. Julie Leggett and Marissa, and Sgt. Chris Midkiff. Their messages were not only well taken and presented, but influential and thought provoking. Leading up to the assembly, the Teen Leadership Corps took action to promote safety. We did an activity with the Grim Reaper to bring alive the severity of the statistics behind risky driving behavior.IMG_4834 Students were marked as “deceased” for the day to represent statistical victims. With prom coming up, we also had a crashed car towed in to show what could happen and what has happened when driving isn’t taken seriously. Our end goal is not only to have our peers thinking about eliminating distractions, but to have 100% seat belt usage in order to keep safe.

Reported by Nathan Kromer.

The TLC students are under the supervision of Ms. Diane Zimmer.