Little Free Libraries benefit our community



There were supposed to be just 30. That’s how many Little Free Libraries the Stocker Foundation thought its initial investment of $30,000 would construct and install in Lorain County. But since announcing the initiative in November, support of the program has been phenomenal.

Melanie Wilson, the foundation’s grant manager, said nearly double the number of Little Free Libraries will be chartered through the Stocker Foundation. The count is 55 libraries with a waiting list of four more.

“Our board is absolutely proud and happy,” Wilson said. “We never dreamed it would be this big, never dreamed $30,000 would go this far.”

On Saturday, the libraries — including a library built and painted to resemble a yellow school bus and another that is a replica of the Wellington Town Hall — were the stars of a Little Free Library launch party at the Lorain County Joint Vocational School.

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