FES students correspond with The Prime Minister of Canada

PM Stephen Harper

PM Stephen Harper

Last year, students in Ms. Jennifer Jackson’s reading class read a non-fiction piece that was all about Canada.  After the book was finished,  Ms. Jackson used the students interest and questions about Canada as an extension activity.

The students wrote to Mr. Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, and asked him various questions regarding the country and his interests.

They each researched the country beyond the text, worked on outlines, and created rough drafts before submitting two copies of their final letters  (one for a grade and one  to be sent to Prime Minister Harper).  At the end of the year Ms. Jackson mailed their letters along with a cover letter  to Mr. Harper.  Mr. Harper took the time over the summer to write  back but the letter got lost in the shuffle, and we are just now getting his response.

We are proud of the students for all of their hard work and we know that they will be excited to see that their letters were received, read, and responded to by a world leader.

To read the response from Prime Minister Stephen Harper please click here:  PM Harper