Firelands Art Students Sweep State Competition

Each March, Youth Art Month, the Ohio Art Education Association conducts the Jerry Tollifson Art Criticism essay competition for K-12 FHS tollifson winnersstudents. The purpose of program is to provide an opportunity for students to be recognized for their ability to articulate and write critical responses to a piece of artwork. The goal of this process is for students to feel a greater sense of control and confidence in approaching art, and empowering them to reach a stronger understanding of the artwork’s meaning, value, and significance.

All Art 1 students at FHS selected a work of art for independent examination and constructed their own analysis and critique of that work. Students were challenged to richly describe, analyze, interpret and assess the work in 500 words or less. Firelands art students have a strong tradition of placing in this competition. This year has been exceptional. Three Firelands students have risen to the top and swept the awards in their division (grades 7-9).

Matthew Brightbill earned first place for his essay on In the Far Northwest – Montana by Edward Henry. Andrea DiAsio earned second place for her essay on Child in the Sunlight by Willard Leroy Metcalf. Loren Myer earned third place for her essay on Brook in the Spring by Edward Simmons.  Their work is on display in the State Teachers Retirement Systems Building in Columbus through March 31. Their work will also be available on the OAEA website  Matthew’s work will be published in the OAEA newsletter, Ohio ARTline. The students will be honored at a reception on March 15 in Columbus. The legacy of articulate Firelands art students continues.