Girls Bowling Team qualified for Tournaments!

The Girls Bowling Team qualified for the Division 2 District Tournament on Sunday atgirl bowling 2
Rebman’s Lanes. They edged Buckeye out by 34 pins for the 3rd (and final) qualifying spot
(3234-3200). The following girls with their Sunday high game listed will be bowling in the
District Tournament – Emily Krieg (208), Becca Reicholf (194), Brianna Krieg (177), Millie
Harris (168) and Lyndsey Cornwell (153). Katalin Mullins & Jessica Adams round out the
Justin Williams is an individual Boys District 2 District Qualifier. Justin finished 2nd with a
601 series (180-196-225).
District is held at Riviera Lanes in Akron on Saturday 2/22.