A Minute with Ms. Coultrip

Mike71159Did you know that Ms. Coultrip is a proud graduate of The Firelands Local Schools? She graduated from FHS in 1998 then went on to obtain her bachelor’s degree from Gannon University with a double major in Special Education and General Education. A master’s degree in Integrating Technology through Walden University followed.

2002 brought Ms. Coultrip back to Firelands as a long term substitute at FES. She then traveled to SAMS where she was an Intervention Specialist for two years. After that, her career then took her to FHS where she taught for 7 years. During this time she coached middle school and freshman volleyball for 6 seasons.  In 2012, SAMS was fortunate to once again have Ms. Coultrip back.

About her time at SAMS, Ms. Coultrip says, “This is a great place to be! Here we are pushed and encouraged to succeed daily. Every staff member in this building strives to be GREAT, with a special shout out to my 8th grade team members Mrs. Baumbick, Mr. Carlock, Mrs. Gundersen, Ms. Hartman, and Mrs. Post. Thank you for making my transition back so welcoming.”

Without a doubt, family is a priority for Ms. Coultrip. When asked about them, she replied, “I cannot say enough about my family, especially without crying! I get that from my mom. I am so blessed to have such great parents.  Without them and their willingness to provide the best possible life for my sister, my brother, and I, I may not have had this wonderful opportunity of sharing my life/career history with you all.  They have instilled so many great qualities in us and are the reason why my siblings and I have successful careers and lives.  Our Sunday family dinners are always entertaining and full of love.”

From her strengths as a teacher, to her deep-rooted belief in family, Ms. Coultrip is a wonderful asset to South Amherst Middle School. For those reasons and many more, we are fortunate  to have Ms. Coultrip as a member of our FLSD family!