FHS Students place in top 5 in Project-Based Learning Competition

Project-based Learning Makes Education Relevant for Career Based Intervention Students.

CBI car

Students in the JVS Career Based Intervention (CBI) programs located at Keystone, Midview, Oberlin, LC Academy and Firelands recently visited the JVS campus to take part in a special competition; they raced dragster cars made from balsa wood.

 The cars, which were powered by carbon dioxide (CO2) canisters, reached speeds up to 60 feet per second almost 45 miles per hour.

 “We use project based learning modules in our CBI Programs,” stated instructor Mathias Hauck, Satellite instructor from Midview.  “This activity was the culmination of the CBI coordinators getting together over the summer and bringing the schools together to ultimately compete and have fun”, stated CBI instructor Mr. Jack Whaley, from Firelands.

 In the process of designing, building and racing their cars, the students learned about a variety of educational objectives including basic automobile maintenance and careers in the transportation industry, continued Hauck.  “The Students learned about aerodynamics, speed, and thrust as well as basic engineering processes by using software programs to design and marketing their vehicles.”

 The students got to see the results of their hard work and sacrifice.” I believe the individual “hands on” approach to learning is what my students excel at” exclaimed, Mr. Whaley.  We usually build something every 9 weeks throughout the school year.

 The following students came in first through fifth place in the race: A total of 77 cars were entered into the tournament.  1st  Place, Carl Fischer (Midview), 2nd Place, Mat Kosinski (LCA), 3rd Place, Kyle Sidwell (Midview) and 4th Place Brendan Lawson (Firelands), 5th Place Cole Brennan (Firelands).