Students at SAMS participate in the ‘Real Life Baby’ program

Students receive thier "Real Life Baby" for a 24 hour period.

Students receive their “Real Life Baby” for a 24 hour period.

Included in Mrs. Novak’s 8th grade Teen Talk curriculum is an abstinenced-based lesson that discusses teen pregnancy. To further strengthen her lesson, Mrs. Novak applied for and received a grant from the Endowment Committee to purchase 2 “Real Life Babies”.

These realistic babies can be programmed to be hungry, cold, hot, cry, need to be burped, changed or just held.  They are a virtual lesson on parenting. Students sign up, with parent permission, to be a parent to one of the babies for 24 hours.  Students have to tend to the baby though the night and as they went along throughout the day.  Students also had to arrange child care if they had a prior committment. A summary of the “Real Life Baby” is printed out after the students  time period is over. The summary includes information on how long the baby cried and what was done to help comfort the baby.

When students return the babies a discussion is held about the whole experience. Each student that participated in this project states that they are not ready to be a parent at this time!

Mrs. Novak programs the "Real Life Baby".

Mrs. Novak programs the “Real Life Baby”.