SAMS has a guest speaker from the Genesis House

IMG_9965As part of Mrs. Novak’s Teen Talk class, a guest speaker from the Genesis House spoke to 7th and 8th students at SAMS last week. Ms. Meg McIntyre, Manager of Community Education, talked with our students about healthy relationships vs abusive relationships. She was able to talk with the students specifically about healthy teen relationships. Prior to her arrival, the Teen Talk class had been discussing what they thought a healthy teen relationship was.

Ms. McIntyre  wanted our students to understand that domestic violence is now considered to be a public health epidemic. 3 to 6 women a day are now murdered in our county, and a woman is beaten every 15 seconds. The pattern of abuse can start early and she emphasized that there are warning signs that students can watch for to protect themselves, now and in the future.  The students were given hand outs which are attached here:

Red Flags

Kinds of Abuse

Ms. McIntyre also spoke about the Genesis House, which is the only Domestic Violence Center in Lorain County. She told the students about the shelter and its secretive  location. Students had a much better understanding of what domestic violence is and how early it can start after listening to Ms. McIntyre.

For additional information regarding the Genesis House please follow the link: