FES Persuasive Writing Projects – Miss Barr’s Language Arts Class

Stand Up For Firelands Schools !

  Miss Barr’s Language Arts class developed and presented Persuasive Writing Power Point Projects comparing Firelands Schools to another school district in our area, comparing and contrasting “boasting points” of both schools using school websites as well as superintendent messages found on the internet.  Student research and writing, of course, supported why Firelands is THE BEST district in the area!!  Students used iPods to take photographs to support their opinions from activities going on in the school,  using photos of staff members or students in their classes as well as  “logos or slogans” found throughout  the building  displaying Falcon pride. Their “bullet points” were collected from their internet search and personal opinions.  Descriptive words were added from a brainstorming session listing adjectives that added a “powerful punch” to the student’s point of view. The students then presented their project to an audience on Tuesday, November 26 and did a spectacular job,  including answering questions from the audience!

Barr 1

Barr 2