FES Kindergarten Students Plant Garbage!

It is harvest time, but in Kindergarten we are planting… planting garbage!  Yes, that’s right, garbage!  Our Kindergarten “scientists” are conducting an experiment to see what happens to garbage items over a period of time.  Classes planted paper, glass, metal, plastic, and food items (fruits/ vegetables).  These garbage items were buried under plants in window boxes.  In the springtime, our young scientists will dig again, to look for the garbage items they “planted.”  We hope to have this hands-on discovery learning activity help the students learn that ”objects and materials can be sorted by their properties” (Science Common Core Standard).  If we reduce, reuse, and recycle, then we will make less garbage.

Here are some predictions made by the students in Mrs. Born’s class:

Planted garbage

  •  The garbage might rot and get stinky.
  •   The garbage might stay the same, disappear, get bigger, or get dirty.
  •   The plants might not grow or they might grow better.
  •  They soil might get dry.
  •   The seeds in the apple core might grow.

Our inquisitive scientists can hardly wait to see what will happen to their “planted garbage!”