FES Bus Safety

Last week, Mr. Sayler spoke to the Kindergarten classes about the importance of bus safety.  He reviewed how to sit in the seats, how to get on and off the bus, and how to cross the road safely.  The students should wait for the bus driver to give the signal to cross (the driver’s raised hand will lower).  He stressed the importance of getting to your bus stop on time and being careful while waiting for the bus.  He showed the students how to take 10 giant steps to be clear and safely out of the “danger zone.”  After getting off of the bus, students should remember to walk to their designated place of safety and then go directly home.

Thank you Mr. Sayler!

“Buster” wants us to remember the bus safety rules:

bus safety 2

  1. Be early to the bus stop.
  2. Be careful at the bus stop.
  3. Watch when entering the bus.
  4. Keep the bus isles clear.
  5. Keep your hands inside the bus.
  6. Stay in your seat until the bus is stopped.
  7. Be careful getting off the bus.
  8. Watch when crossing the street.
  9. Beware when crossing railroad tracks.
  10. Beware of the Danger Zone.
  11. Use Emergency Exits calmly.

Please talk with your young children about the importance of bus safety!