Internet Safety at SAMS

Last week in Mrs. Novak’s Teen Talk class, Deputy Greiner from the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office spoke to the students about internet safety. Deputy Greiner is an expert in child safety and internet safety.

Deputy Greiner told our students, “What kind of teen you are shapes what kind of adult you will become”.  He emphasized that electronic media will follow people forever. He explained that part of his job was recovering information from hard drives on phones and computers. Students need to understand that hard drives are virtually indestructible.  “Even if you delete a picture or a text from your phone or computer, I can retrieve it”.

Discussions were held covering cyber bullying, sexting, positive life choices, career choices, federal and state laws, and mutual respect.   Keeping students safe is a large part of Deputy Greiners role with The Lorain County Sheriff’s Office. His candor allowed our students to see additional negatives in our everyday technology.

He urged our students to stay safe and to follow the Grandma Rule: If you wouldn’t show it to your Grandma, then don’t send it!

Teen Talk Deputy Greier