SAMS Band Students attend a Performance

On Monday, September 23 the South Amherst Middle School band students attended a performance by the Metropolitan Brass Quintet. The quintet has been performing together for the last 25 years locally and nationally and is composed of professional musicians residing in the Cleveland. The students were exposed to a vast number of musical styles including Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, American March Style, and Jazz.  The students were also given the opportunity to ask questions covering a wide range of topics.

The next day two members of the quintet returned to SAMS and presented a clinic in each band class. Some of the many topics discussed included: breathing and tone production, articulation, phrasing, dynamics, warm-up and home practice techniques. The clinics provided an opportunity for students to be exposed to concepts suitable for their age and years of musical experience. Many of the students participated by actively asking questions relevant to them and their musical interest.

Both events were funded by the Firelands Endowment Grant program. A special thanks to all that contribute to this worthy cause. Your monetary donations truly help to provide meaningful educational experiences to the students of Firelands Local Schools.

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