“Band on the Run” 5K and 1 mile fun run

This year the Firelands Band is trying a new fundraiser to help purchase badly needed instruments. We are currently in need of new Concert Tubas that are almost $7,000 a piece and we need 5 of them! We also have a need for around $135,000 of other instruments that are so old they have outlived their useful lives. The average age of instruments in our school inventory is 48 years old with our oldest instrument that is still used everyday was purchased in 1928! It is 24 years older than our school district! Our boosters have taken the initiative to try to supplement and assist us with these purchases by organizing a 5k we are call “Band on the Run”.

If you are a runner or know a runner please consider joining us on October 20th for our first Firelands Band 5K in South Amherst. Proceeds from this 5K will help support the Firelands Band program and ensure the continued success of our students as we try to provide the best music education possible for our community! Help us update our inventory so we can continue to be the best we can be!

Dustin K. Wiley

Director of Bands